Madness (the): Term used to define the psychic illness that plagues the citizens of Atlantis in the third and final age. Characterized by the gradual degradation of sanity stimulated by shadows, who attach themselves to humans in Dreamtime, stimulate mental anguish, and feed off negative emotions. It is seen as a madness because the human host slips deeper and deeper into their anguish until they cannot distinguish reality from their suffering.


Magi: A caste of mystics who study the use of magic. In the final age of Atlantis, they are the only non-hereditary spiritual class that can wield magical powers. Those who study magic outside the Temple Sect are considered scholars. In the Temple Sect, their order is denoted by red robes.


Maldek: The fifth planet of the solar system that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter. It was destroyed in the first major destruction of Atlantis, which also incinerated the surface of Mars. It is now a field of asteroids and debris orbiting the fifth orbit of the Ra System.


Manator: Half-man half-animal. Left over from before the Great Solidification. The story of their origin went back to the garden of Pangaea, when all the continents were one mass, and life on Sophaiya existed in Dreamtime. Humans then had the ability to shapeshift at will. When the Solidification happened, anyone who chose to keep their animal forms remained part human and part animal. In the Second Age of Atlantis, the Followers of One declared an edict that manator were abominations and began programs to strip people of their animal sides. In the third age, manator are rare, and almost mythical, as they have found refuge in lower Dreamtime. 


Marketeer: A specialist in the markets who works with currency alone. Among those who work in commerce: traders work with trade alone, merchants work with a specific item or items whether through trade or currency, commercians provide and regulate the markets. Free-marketeers work outside the ten kingdoms of Atlantis while marketeers work within its strict laws.


Mars: Planet whose orbit lies just past Sophaiya. Called the fourth planet. Mars was once home to a thriving civilization, but its surface was destroyed, and all civilization moved beneath the surface. Though some refugees fled to Sophaiya and took up residence in Atlantis mainly in the kingdom of Aryan.


Maydrian: Title given to the personal adviser of the king. Maydrians have the responsibility of organizing all the personal affairs of the monarch. This position is appointed by the king and approved by the High Council.


Maydriss: Same as Maydrian, except the queen's personal advisor. Maydrisses also handle the queen's pregnancies, wardrobe, and all personal matters.


Mediator Assembly: When important matters affecting the kingdom need to be weighed, the Mediator Assembly is called. This is when every available mediator assembles in the mediation arena. Assemblies are rare, and can be called by a group of mediators, the High Council, the Temple Sect, a vote from citizens, or the monarch. 


Mediator Sect: (Mediator) Hereditary politicians in Atlantis. Bred like royalty, the mediator lines are carefully controlled to produce heirs whose birthright and training are specifically tailored to lead fairly. Each mediator line oversees a specific area of government within the civilization. Every sect is governed by a familial line. Their duties range from mediating disputes to making policy decisions. When a dispute is brought to a mediator, he or she acts as judge.


Meridian Realm: One of the six Realms of Sophaiya where humans dwell. It is known today as the third dimension and is characterized by physical matter.


Mindlight: Atlantean term for the pineal gland. A gland at the center of the head associated with the third eye. In its evolved state, the mindlight is shaped like a quartz cluster, and could be used to create magic, project psychic waves and perceive Dreamtime.   


Mixologist: Atlantean profession employing the use of herbs, tellurics, and tonics to create elixirs, which they use for medicine and recreation. There is an elixir for everything. When a mixologist is consulted, it is somewhat like going to therapy or a psychic. They are able to see into the souls of each consumer and tell what kind of emotional adjustment is needed.


Moirae: Dreamclan term for a special being born to influence the Fates of man. In essence, an incarnated Watcher. Title granted to Brigitte during her youth by the Dreamclan council.


Mound Laws: During the reign of King Koraxx, hover tricksters began operating their hover-discs off of the road mounds. This was thought to be impossible because discs are charged by the road mounds. But somehow tricksters had the ability to get past this. The conclaves now see it as the first appearance of the gene that has awakened in humanity. Koraxx restricted hover-disc usage to the mound, citing the reason that tricksters are reckless, and compromised the safety of citizens. But a deeper reason became apparent when his guardian forces began hunting down renegade revelries, where the youth practiced their tricks away from the public. Those who were caught were banned from hovering. This was the beginning of the conclaves who took their practices into strict secrecy. 


Mudras: Hand gestures used during meditation to maximize the flow of energy through the hands. Illumination rituals are called mudras as a slang term that refers to the hand gestures they use to channel their mindlight into the crystal nodes and generate power through the cities.


Multiverse: Many universes orbiting around a black central sun, said to be the Eye of Source, watching its creations.



Navigators: Adepts of the green-robed elemental order of the Temple Sect. All shipping lanes are regulated in the ten kingdoms. Navigators are trained in the art of communicating with the elements and are able to read the currents and wind patterns, as well as connect with the telluric lines within the ocean. All ships must have a temple navigator. When they register a voyage, they must attain a navigator from whatever port their journey begins. Once the voyage is finished, the navigator must go to the temple center at the destination. A new navigator is usually obtained at the start of another voyage.


Naydir: External advisor to the court of a king or queen. Acts as liaison between the monarch and the public. Appointed by the monarch with final approval by the High Council.  


Nephilim (Telluric Nephilim): An ancient race of beings on the planet said to be a cross between a Watcher and a human. The union is often made when a Watcher takes the form of a human for the mating. These beings are said to possess godly powers. The most powerful kind is said to be telluric, meaning they are a cross between a Watcher and an elemental. Since Nephilim had such immense power, they became worshipped and feared. The Star Nations declared Nephilim abominations, and were had thus banished them from the human project. Watchers are now forbidden to interfere with the genetics of humanity.


Nereids: Mermaid creatures living in the depths of the ocean. They are part fish and human, unlike their Oceanid cousins, and considered manator to Atlanteans. They are very shy, and rarely show themselves to land dwellers, but they live harmoniously among the Oceanus Realm.


Neter: A human body carrying the soul of a Watcher. Whereas a Moirae enters from birth, the Neter requires a human to achieve a state of emptiness so their body is surrendered to be inhabited by the Watcher. This can be done by force, which takes the longest, or can be done in chorus with the human choosing to surrender their body to the Watcher.  


Nexes: (See Archives Nexes)


Nodes: Slang for resonant capacitors. Called nodes because the crystal obelisks serve as vortex points for the Grid. Citizenry focus their minds into the nodes during illumination rituals to send power to the Great Crystal. 


Nodesong: Referring to the resonance created by the nodes to call citizens to illumination rituals. This is a pleasing frequency that oscillates through the cities. Usually programmed to vibrate at 432hz.


Nodeyard: Courtyards built around crystal nodes where citizens gather to perform illumination rituals during the resonance of nodesong.


Nubia: The great continent lying to the Southeast of the Atlantean Islands (modern day Africa). It is filled with lush grasslands and rivers. The people inhabiting Nubia are black of skin and said to be the most ancient race on the planet with a history greater than Lemuria. The land is populated by a confederation of tribes in various states of alliance. There are a number of outposts and cities on the continent, all of them wealthy with vast resources. Sha’mana is mined in abundance there, which allows for global influence among the Lemurian Empires.


Nymphs: Spirits who dwell in the dreamtime and work to protect the Telluric Realm. They are associated with various elements and locations around Sophaiya and possess the power to animate nature.



Obelisk: Crystal tower or pillar with four sides, topped by a pyramidal point. The shape of crystal nodes.


Oceanids: A race of beings who live in the ocean. They are part human and part elemental, and so have evolved to live underwater. They can also come out of the water and walk around, but this is very rare. They have fins for hair, legs with scales, and webbed toes, but mostly resemble humans. They are the masters of the ocean and have their own underwater kingdoms.


Oceanus Realm: One of the six Realms of Sophaiya referring to under the ocean.   


Og, Kingdom of: One of the three largest Atlantean kingdoms, and the most powerful of Eastern Atlantis. A vacation destination known for its sensory delights and revelries. Its ruling city Tirnan is one of the most opulent, wealthy cities in the world.


Oracle of the Six Realms: (See Realms of Sophaiya) A position within the Temple Sect. Initiates of the elemental discipline are bred with elemental blood, and those who exhibit the most aptitude at prophecy and connection with the elements are trained to be the oracle. When the previous oracle passes on into the spirit world, the new one takes her place on the elemental throne. It is her duty to travel through the six realms in Dreamtime using meditation. This position acts as an ambassador to the realms.


Order of Nexes: An elite order of high born influential citizens who study the use and principles of the Archives Nexes. They are initiated and trained through various levels of the order, and their intentions always lie in the betterment of Atlantis.


Order of the Serpent: (See Order of Nexes) Another name for the order who studies Nexes. Originally named for the serpentine form Belial and his brother took when they arrived on Sophaiya in the original Anunaki arrival.


Order of the Spiral Dancers: Dancers trained in the use of rings with which they do various tricks while they dance. It is a prominent Atlantean art form, and the order is often commissioned to entertain courts and revelries.


Orders of the Temple Sect: The twelve disciplines within the Temple Sect. Each is connected to a chakra and a layer of Dreamtime. See Temple Sect for listing of the orders and colors.


Osirian Nations: One of the eight Lemurian empires. A loose collection of over 200 cities along the River Stix in the Valley of Khem. They maintain trade along the river and have solid ties to Nubia and Atlantis through river routes. These nations are the forerunners to what later became nations such as Crete, Malta, Thera, Phoenicia, Sumer and Egypt.


Outlands: The outer city of Poseidia surrounding the ringed citadel.


Oversource: (See Source)    



Panther League: One of the nine warrior leagues specializing in the use of stealth and hunting techniques.


Parnassus: The name of the elemental spirit of the mountain Poseidia is built on.


Penumbra: A shadow layer of lower Dreamtime said to be used by adepts to travel into the other realms of Sophaiya from Meridian. It is also said to be where the shadows are trapped in a holographic reality.


Pineal: (See Mindlight) 


Poseidia, City of: The ruling city of Atlantis. Home to the Great Crystal as well at the palace of the high king and queen. Located at the heart of the ten kingdoms on the main island of Atlas.


Predator Vessels: Fast, stout ships belonging to the Shark Warrior League used to patrol the sea lanes and waterways of Atlantis. 


Prophet Singer: Nickname for D'Vinid during his lifetime. Referring to his ability to create songs off-the-cuff that often tend to predict the future.


Pythian Games: An annual festival celebrating the heroics of Koraxx in his days as prince. The games were set up to honor his prowess as a hunter. It was at the games when he met Dafni for the first time.



Ra: The name of the being who is the sun of this solar system.


Realms of Sophaiya: The six realms of Sophaiya that support life in various forms. Telluric Realm is the home to elementals and minerals. Oceanus is home to sea creatures. Meridian is where humans and animals live in physical form. Subterra is beneath the surface of the planet. Celestius, the skyroads, home to the great Crystal cities in the sky. Indendius is the fire realm at the core of the planet that protects the Halls of Amen'ti.


Record-Keepers: Tool-crystals programmed with information through Keylontics. Akin to Atlantean books.


Renegade Revelries: During the time of King Koraxx, hover tricksters started gathering in deserted areas so they could practice their tricks away from the public. These revelries received widespread fame, and many citizens began to seek them out. But when Koraxx found out about them, he banned them, and punished the hover-tricksters by taking away their discs, thus banning them from hovering altogether. Renegade revelries still happen among the conclaves, but they are done with extreme caution. 


Resonant Capacitors: (See Crystal Nodes) Large obelisks named for the resonance they emit to call citizens to illumination rituals. Nicknamed crystal nodes, they are used to conduct psychic energy that is then filtered to the Great Crystal and transformed into electricity to power the city.


Retinue: Officers of the royal court closest to the king or queen.


Revelries: Parties or celebrations in Atlantis. Atlanteans are notoriously prone to revelry in all aspects of life, deriving from their belief that the human experience was meant to indulge in sensual pleasures. 


Ring of Commerce: Outer land ring of the citadel of Poseidia where the working class resides.


Ring of Learning: Second land ring of the citadel of Poseidia. Here is where all learners go to attend learning houses and learn trades. It is also where most Atlanteans go for leisure. There are numerous plazas for festivals, a grand fireball arena, as well as a racetrack spanning the entire ring.


Ring of Mediation: Third land ring of the citadel of Poseidia. Known as the mediator heights, many affluent estates span the terraces. This is also where citizens go to report to their mediators, who hold court within their grand estates. 


River Stix: Giant river feeding from the glacial lake of Tethys (modern day Eastern Mediterranean.) It extends east of modern day Crete, Malta, and Sicily, onward north of Algiers and into the Atlantic past the Pillars of Hercules. It is home to a vast river economy conducted by the many cities of the Osirian Nations. Ships come and go to and from Atlantis. Their first port in Atlantis is Tartessos of Bascli. From there, ships either head to Atlas, Og or Capraria. 


Road Mounds: Raised mounds built along telluric lines acting as roads for Atlantean hover-crafts. The mounds give off a magnetic frequency, which work with torsion-crystals within hover-craft to create magnetic propulsion.


Rotations: Meaning years in the Atlantean measurement of time. Referring a full rotation of the planet around the sun. 


Rutilation: Minerals embedded inside crystals creating a striped appearance in the crystal.



Sacred Cantos: (See Cantos)


Sacrẻ Morẻ: The sacred death rituals performed by the shadowmancers. It is said that the Blood Gods gain power from a soul’s passage into death, especially one that is in fear. The creation of a shadow from the fear of the sacrificed brings power to the Blood God to which the sacrifice is being dedicated.


Sauros: One of the fire nations of legend from the Age of Fire and Ice. It is said their kings were Nephilim who ruled with elemental sorcery, enslaving humans as their subjects. They gained power through the fear of their people and demanded blood sacrifice. They hated the free colonies of Lemuria, and waged war on the motherland. They were destroyed when Belial secretly brought the Great Crystal to Atlantis and directed his avatar to activate the Fire Crystal. This attack brought total annihilation to Sauros and its brother nations, freezing them in ice. The legend says their nations are still frozen, awaiting the day they will awaken and seek revenge. 


Sea Nymphs: A race of elemental beings living in the ocean. They are mostly non-physical and appear as beings that are one with the water.  


Sects: Atlantean citizens are separated into seven sects based on their birthright or their career. Listed in order of precedence: Temple Sect, Mediator Sect, Speaker Sect, Builder Sect, Ambassador Sect, Learner Sect, Warrior Sect.


Shadowmancers: Those born with the activated gene of the Temple Sect who have converted to serve the Blood Gods with the promise of ultimate power. They believe themselves to be the chosen ones of the Watchers.


Shadows (the): Parasitic beings existing as holograms in the Grid of Atlantis. They were born of the rift that was created at the destruction of the second age. They are essentially emotional constructs created by intense human emotions. They do not belong in the physical plane and have survived by feeding off the emotional essence of humans, the essence from which they were spawned. Those who become host to shadows eventually fall to the Madness.     


Sha'mana: Minerals from the Telluric Realm. Known by some as gold dust. It is the most magical element on the planet, and one of the most coveted minerals among the Star Nations. There are many uses, though mostly ingesting it repairs the cells of the body, and connects the user with the original human design, as well as the consciousness of Sophaiya. There are many sha'mana mining facilities that are heavily protected. The main production facility lies on the Isle of Dragonspine between Atlas and Og. Most of it goes only to the Temple Sect and the most influential of mediators. The conclaves have managed to find a way to smuggle and use it in their blue dream elixir to activate their genetic upgrade.  

Skyroads: Ethereal currents of energy in Celestius connecting the crystal cities together.   


Social Hub: Places to meet new people and gather with friends. Akin to modern day bars, they feature an elixir den, as well as performance halls and areas to sit and relax.


Solidification: (See Great Solidification)

Sophaiya: A planetary consciousness in the system of Ra. The most valued planet in the Ra system because she is said to be an actual goddess who descended into the form of a planetary being. The planet is an inter-dimensional crossroads, where many intergalactic beings converge. There are six realms that make up the domains that support life on Sophaiya: Telluric, Subterra, Meridian, Celestius, Incendius and Oceanus. She was later called Earth.


Source: Closest way to describe the word Atlanteans use to refer to God. The Source of all creation.


Soul-Crystal: Crystals that have not been stripped of their telluric consciousness. The use of soul-crystals is banned in Atlantis, as their energy is not harnessed to the Grid, and it is said they pose a danger to the harmony of Atlantis. The conclaves have begun to secretly harvest raw, un-programmed crystals in order to bond with them. They have begun to unlock many secrets in the Archives with the help of these powerful telluric beings.  


Speaker District: Area on the Ring of Learning where students rise through the speaker training. It is also where citizens must go to seek the services of the guild, or to attend arguments.


Speaker Sect: (Speakers) A learned sect of Atlantean citizens. Speakers are trained to speak for the laws of Atlantis. Much like modern day lawyers. Upon emergence from training, speakers choose a focus to speak for. When any citizen needs to be represented, they enlist the service of a speaker to argue for them.


Star Nations: Referring collectively to every planet around the universe with advanced life forms. In the Third Age of Atlantis, the Star Nations have been barred to enter all realms of Sophaiya except for the crystal cities of Celestius. From here they are allowed to project their soul into the incarnation cycles of the other realms. In ages past, the Star Nations were directly involved in human evolution, but the Third Age of Atlantis is now a closed experiment, and the human project is considered endangered. 


Subterra: One of the six Realms of Sophaiya. Holding the largest sect of scholars who live on 12 underground levels leading to the Halls of Amen’ti at the core of Sophaiya. These levels are called layers. There are six layers leading to Agartha, and six layers past that to Amen’ti. Subterran scholars, known as Luminari, study the records of the human project. These records were brought from Lemuria by Belial and make up the original intent of Atlantis.


Summoner-Crystal: Tool crystals imprinted to one person's psychic frequency. When given to another, the crystal can be activated, and the imprinter receives a telepathic signal through the Grid. They are usually paired with locator-crystals that receive the signal, and the one being summoned can then reveal their location to the one using the summoner.


Syrinx: An herb from a nation called Arcadia in the Valley of Khem meant to be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in the world. Anyone ingesting it is said to go slightly mad with desire. 



Tantras: Ancient arts of sexual arousal. Term refers to the teachers and the teachings of the same art.


Telleria Quay: A famous freight warehouse along the Ring of Mediation in Poseidia run by the Telleria commercian cartel. It is connected to the cartel docks where only the most prestigious of merchants are admitted to display their goods. The quay is where the goods are stored before being shipped to the various shopping districts around the citadel. 


Telluric Lines: Magnetic currents covering Sophaiya in a grid-like pattern. Atlanteans have methods of measuring the Telluric Realm, so they can connect the Crystal Grid to telluric lines across the planet for power, transportation and communication. Telluric refers to the mineral and elemental Realm of Sophaiya, which has its own principles and rules. Road mounds are built along these lines, so hover-discs can access magnetic propulsion.


Telluric Nephilim: (See Nephilim) The most powerful breed of human/Watcher is said to be telluric, meaning they are a cross between a Watcher and an elemental. They would have godlike powers while also being able to harness and control elementals.


Telluric Realm: One of the six Realms of Sophaiya. Home to elementals and minerals, beings who are incarnations of the life force of Sophaiya. Telluric currents make up the energy that runs through the planet, much like how blood runs through human bodies. The currents are used by Atlanteans in their road mounds, which makes advanced transportation possible.


Temple Center: Centers around the cities set up with nodeyards for citizens to meditate at illumination rituals. They also house healing centers where anyone can receive medical treatment for their ailments. Temple clergy are on hand to council the people at all times.


Temple of Light: Center of the city of Poseidia where the Great Crystal and Archives Nexes are connected to the Grid. All illumination power leads to the temple of light, and is regulated by the temple Alta.  


Temple Sect: Hereditary sect of Atlantean citizens. Bred with genetic manipulation and trained as temple clergy with a specific directive to remain neutral so they can tune and conduct the Crystal Grid without bias or corruption. There are 12 orders represented by 12 colored robes. Listed in Order and by color of the order: Magi (red), Alchemists (orange), Grid Tuners (yellow), Elementalists (green), Timekeepers (light blue), Record Keepers (indigo), Dreamseers (purple), Healers (iridescence), Alta first order (blue/green), Alta second order (pearl), Alta third order (pink/orange). Alta fourth order (gold).


Ten Kingdoms of Atlantis: In the beginning of Atlantis the land mass was divided between ten brothers, who became the first kings. After the ages passed, and the land masses broke into islands, the kingdoms became more like provinces, but are still called kingdoms in honor of the previous ages. The kingdoms are: Atlas (the capitol), Og (considered the capitol of the Eastern kingdoms,) The Western kingdoms are: Antillia, Aryan, Benini, and Taino. The Eastern kingdoms are: Azoria, Capraria, Tartessos and Yisra. In the third age, The Kingdom of Albion is the unofficial 11th kingdom of Atlantis. Though governed by their own kings, the High King and the High Council rule them. Once a year, and in emergencies, the ten kings are called to council in Poseidia of Atlas to make kingdom-wide decisions. (See Council of Ten Kings.) In the third age, there are two main alliances, east and west. Eastern islands are allied with Og while west follows Atlas. It is a source of contention between the two main power centers. 


Thoth: Known as one of the first high priests during the First Age of Atlantis. It is said he achieved immortality and became a Watcher. He presided over the Temple Sect for 2000 years before he ascended into Dreamtime. Since his departure, a new Thoth from his genetic line always steps into the leadership role as High Alta of the Archives Nexes. 


Tool-Crystal: Crystals stripped of their telluric souls. They have been harnessed to the Grid and programmed for specific uses.


Torsion-Crystal: Tool-crystals that harness power from the Grid and spiral it into the device to which they are anchored. Examples are the central torsion crystal that takes mindlight and sends it to the Great Crystal. It is one of the main components of hover-craft technology. All crafts are built around a central torsion-crystal. When activated on the road mounds, they interact with telluric currents to charge, and provide friction. Conclaves first began to realize their innate powers when hover-tricksters realized they could project their energy through torsion-crystals, and harness telluric currents off the road mounds.


Triad: (See Blood Gods)


Triangulate: A principle in magic or energetics. Referring to the act of a third person adding a third point to the magic of two people. The act of triangulation magnifies the magic of two.


Tuaca Solaria: An Atlantean greeting, accompanied by hand gestures.



Uiger: One of the eight Lemurian empires. Their civilization lies in the mountains in the area known today as Tibet and stretches into what is today known as the Gobi Desert. At the time of the third age, the Gobi is a vast fertile plane.  


Unification: A movement among the conclaves. Those who follow it are called unificationists. They believe that the conclaves should unite and work together. Most conclaves are content to be isolated from one another and maintain a low profile, so they can continue to live their lives in comfort. 



Vale: (See Dreamvale) Shortened form of the word valley.


Valley of Khem: (See River Stix, Osirian Nations) A vast, fertile river valley in what is today known as the Mediterranean Sea. Along the banks of the River Stix lies hundreds of cities termed loosely as the Osirian Nations. It is one of the most bustling and thriving regions in the world.  


Vailix Needle: Cylindrical crafts used as public transportation in Atlantis. With torsion-crystals powered by the Crystal Grid through magnetic propulsion, they propel along thin wires stretching along the main thoroughfares of the cities and stop at elevated platforms for loading and unloading. 


VC Waves: Invisible frequencies transmitted through the Crystal Grid to project images and sound into viewer-crystals. Like modern day television waves.


Viewer Crystal (VC): Large flat sheets of selenite crystal set up in all commons areas and connected to the Crystal Grid. They are meant to receive images transmitted through VC waves to send live messages from the government to the citizens.


Violet flame: An ethereal flame (see dreamlight) that can be summoned psychically to cleanse the energy affecting the physical in Dreamtime. 


Vortex (the): A term among the conclaves/Children of One referring to the state of being aligned in a state of one-ness. Being in the vortex is indicated by chains of events lining up in perfect synchronicity, and always in the highest good of the one who is aligned. It is known as navigating the vortex.



Warriors’ Code: A strict code of honor put in place to keep the warriors in check. They are taught the code like a religion from the moment they begin their training. Since the warrior leagues are mostly mercenary, they are only allowed to act within the code, so they cannot be activated for devious reasons.


Warrior Sect: Sect of Atlantean citizens who study the art of warfare. Usually those in any sect who display violent tendencies are sent to be trained in this sect. Since war is frowned upon in the third age, they are shunned in principle, but also revered for their physical prowess. They traditionally act as mercenaries in the third age and can only be employed for a purpose. This is known as activating a warrior force. They are bound by a strict moral code. It is in place to ensure their power is never abused. There are nine warrior leagues. Listed here: Bull League, known as Fury Warriors, studying brute force; Panther League, studying agile movements and covert operations; Monkey Warriors, studying rooftop sentinel tactics; Dragon League, studying telepathic warfare; Ram League, studying terrain tactics; Shark League, studying ocean tactics; Falcon League, studying airborne tactics; Wolf League, studying tracking and hunting; and the mysterious Spider League, previously known as Dream Warriors.      


Watchers: Atlantean gods. Beings who exist in Celestius and Dreamtime whose job it is to watch over the Fates of humanity. Although they cannot interfere, they can guide the Fates and send subtle signs through elements, while orchestrating coincidences, and messages in Dreamtime. They are present to make sure the human project does not break the laws of nature and harm Sophaiya.


Water-Craft: Small, one-man sailing vessels used as transportation through the vast canal system of Poseidia. They usually use wind propulsion, though torsion-crystals can be activated for minor propulsion if the winds do not cooperate.  


Wolf Warriors: A league of the Warrior Sect. Wolves are used as guardians who specialize in tracking and hunting.



Yazminnia: An intoxication elixir made from an herb growing only in the mountains of Og. Induces an ecstatic dream state.


Yerba Tree: A type of tree growing in Poseidia. It is not native to the area, and yet the climate is perfect to make it grow in abundance. It was brought from Lemuria many thousands of years before the final age of Atlantis thus many yerba trees have thousands of years of growth. Their roots grow in arches above the ground, and their branches become strong and sturdy enough to build houses at the base of multiple levels.


Yisra: One of the ten Atlantean kingdoms. Matriarchal in precedence. Known as a colony of Maldek, it also hosts embassies from all the Lemurian Empires. Its position close to the Nubian Empire makes it an excellent diplomatic entity to the Nubian tribes. It is also known as a center of advanced wisdom and learning.  



Zephyre: Watcher of the winds.



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