• Mara Powers

Did Nubia and Atlantis Merge and Form Egypt?

The study of the great mystery of Atlantis is best served by following ancient legends around the world. Most accepted world history doesn’t span far enough back to record the megalithic monuments that are often dated at over 10 thousand years old.

My recent fascination is with the continent of Africa. This is said to be the cradle of humanity… the original location of the Garden of Eden. I have been tracing African history through the legends of ancient people. There have been many occult references to Egypt being a colony of Atlantis. And so I have developed a theory that Atlanteans and Ancient Nubians created a synthesis that eventually became Egypt.

It’s really all just a theory. But in order to really discover any satisfying answers, I have had to delve into the journey of the Berbers, as well as the ancient legends of Nubia or Ta Seti, Khemit, Kush, Kerma, Meroe, Punt, Sheba, and even the the Aterian of the North and the Mande tribes of West Africa. Michael Tellinger, a fellow researcher has been on the trail of some fascinating research. I highly recommend googling his name. But that’s a whole can of worms that deserves it’s own post.

If one follows the RH anomaly in bloodlines , the Berbers are the ones who hold the key to Atlantean history in North Africa. They are part of a mysterious cro magnon bloodline with white skin, blue eyes, red hair and sometimes larger skulls. It is in their oral history where we can get a clue to Atlantis. They speak of a time when the Sahara was verdant with rivers, lakes, forests and bountiful agriculture. Above is a map of what supposedly Africa could have looked like then.

It would have looked like this toward the end of the ice age before massive melting of glaciers brought about flooding that displaced entire cultures. Naturally any of the island people from the Atlantic would have moved to this country. It is a vast discussion that becomes hard to tie up into a neat little package. But I did find a great website on my search with an abundance of obscure Atlantean information, from which I harvested this map. I highly recommend perusing it. Prepare to have your mind expanded. http://www.ancient-atlantis.com/middle-east-green-before-flood/



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