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Winter Must Go

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I just reached the end of a month long blog tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours. I have to admit, I get caught up in my writing sometimes, and it's difficult to break away and follow links and look at blogs. But it looks like I managed to gain a bunch of new fans, which is really exciting. This past holiday season gave me the gift of a surge in the Shadows of Atlantis followers. It's been a wish of mine for ages to find my readers. Now that the blog posts are up, and the fog is clearing, and the winners are being announced, it's time for me to revisit my actual blog.

Photo by Alibaba

In the midst of my February blog tour, I paid a visit to an old lifestyle of mine that I gave up about 15 years ago. I guess the best way to describe it is Renaissance Reenactment. Check it out at I was summoned by the King of the Outlands to rouse some rabble. It's not every day you get a call like that, so I packed up some layers and headed off to Phoenix for a quick road trip armed with a plan to heist the kingdom war drums and march the opposing army onto the battle field, infiltrating the enemy lines and retrieving a magical potion from the enemy king. For those of you who know the strict rules of that world, rest assured It would have worked in chorus with kingdom politics. My return would have to be that epic considering the crazy games I used to instigate. But the plan wasn't able to be carried out due to unusual weather. Yes, it would be the weather. Winter has definitely come.

In fact, I was shocked to see how much of an imprint I had left on that world. My influence felt like it had somehow lingered. Instead, I enjoyed myself, and made a decision to perhaps return to that game in the future. It would be a literal means of moving forward into the past in service to the dream.

I have come back to D'Vinid and Brigitte, and as I write this, prepare to finish the last two chapters of book two. I wish I didn't have to torture my characters so much. But in the end, perhaps they will prevail. I leave you with a little video I took around the gypsy campfire. My quest for inspiration was a success.

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