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Metaphysical: A Poem by Mara Powers

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

There’s a space between us in the places no one sees. Invisible, the air, and yet it lives there in the breeze. What is nothing could be something that our eyes have yet to trust besides the random drifting fluff or sunlight sparkling dust. If I switch my focus to what might be in the gap, like looking at the surface of a window,

not what’s past. Perhaps the physical won’t last. And I might slip into the spaces in between And there might be a doorway to a mystical routine. A fractual encounter, a synthesis of sorts. Like mirrors facing mirrors or the faces of a quartz. Finding what’s beneath us,

what’s above us and between. Discovering the purpose of the most confusing dreams. Wrap my thoughts around the riddle of what means infinity. Dissolve the pile of matter that might be illusory. If all is effervescent past the veil of love and strife... then living is a heartbeat in the endlessness of life.

Mara Powers is author of the critically acclaimed series Shadows of Atlantis. She has been dreaming up stories of Atlantis since she discovered theology and philosophy in her teen years. She fancies herself a Utopian novelist on a great adventure gathering experiences to write about.

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