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The Quest for Mystical Atlantis

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

About one year ago I moved to Egypt. At the time I didn't realize that's what I was doing, but things turned out the way they did, and that’s that. I have lived my life with wanderlust, always searching for something elusive. I rationalize it by searching for Atlantis. Since I like to follow the esoteric teachings of the subject, I set out on this particular trip to follow ley lines.

Before we move forward, keep in mind that as far as new age spirituality is concerned, I am very well-versed in it. My books are about crystals and magic and Atlantis. My Mayan signature is the Blue Galactic Monkey. I am a portal, so enter me, as it were. I am also a massive manifesting generator and an Aries born on the 1st minute of the zodiac at the tail end of Pisces. I am the trickster, the tip of the arrow, the heyoka and so on and so forth. I am the one who lingers in the back of rituals laughing at how serious everyone is.

Be that as it may, I set out on a ley line quest. And so, this is how I got to where I am now...

I started out on the Island of Madeira, which is at the top of the Mid-Atlantic ridge in the Atlantic Ocean. Being an ancient volcanic island, it is lush and vibrant, always lingering around the climate of spring.

In maps of power vortexes, which I use over my own maps of Atlantis, the master vortexes are in places like Egypt and ancient Mayan lands. But one major vortex is around Madeira, meaning it is just as intense as Egypt.

I even got stuck in the Azores overnight quite by accident. The airline said it canceled my flight due to bad weather. I say this because there is an interesting argument about the capitol city of Atlantis being in the Azores plateau. In my mind, much of the Mid-Atlantic Mountain Range was above water during the ice age and this is definitely the location of Atlantis. The sudden rapid melting of glaciation could easily account for the rise in sea level that engulfed any civilization that could have been on that mountain range.

It also accounts for the flood myths in many different religious texts. There are also many stories of ancient civilizations who claimed that their ancestors came from a great catastrophe across a distant ocean.

All that aside, what I found in Madeira was an ancient land of mystical portals through land, air and sea. Madeira itself could be Avalon-esque in nature, obscured in clouds that always linger at the tops of its dragon spine peaks.

I even had an encounter with strange angry spirits that harassed me, the bastards. For that, I made a zoom call to someone I knew.

I had befriended a woman through an old videogame industry connection. I was supposed to join the writing team for an Atlantis videogame, and she was my interviewer. She was also a mystic and a channel, which was why she was asked to vet me for the project. When I started having these strange supernatural experiences, waking up in a sweat, screaming in the night, feeling like phantasms were rushing at me, ya know, the usual weird creepy shit, she seemed like the obvious advisor.

She went into her trance and said I was in an ancient land that had experienced much darkness and was still very unsettled. Atlantis, anyone? She said those spirits were attracted to me because I was connected to the land, and I had karma with it. Big shock since my whole life revolves around Atlantis.

Magical Madeira

Then she walked me through a meditation on how to let it pass through me and transmute, then transcend. Cool stuff. The effect was instant. From then on, the spirits were happy, and I was autonomous again.

As far as the Atlantis videogame, that was my prior ticket back to Europe after having to reset my visa. I had been in Venice, Italy, and I wanted to go back. Doors closed, however, but I kept looking for other doors.

For my part in the world, I operate with a degree of trust in destiny. When something works easily, then it’s meant to be. All that aside though, I also put plans into action and don’t wait for things to materialize. Destiny always sorts it out on a scale of ease or difficulty.

I mean, why not go write for an Atlantis videogame in Ibiza? For various reasons I chose instead to travel entirely on my own terms. It was the only option that actually worked out as quickly and easily as destiny proclaims.

Americans can only travel to Europe for 90 days in a 180-day period. On this jaunt around the world, my hope was to find somewhere to reset the 90 days outside of America. It’s a bold step for me. But it took commitment and total release.

I had proposed a writing retreat on the Nile to a bunch of writers, and I had enough people agree that I chose to make the trip happen. I have deep roots in travel and vacation planning. It was my original career. Past that, my roots were in producing events, so this Egyptian Odyssey was a merging of my previous lifestyles with whatever I was heading for.

On my ley line quest, I went from Madeira to Lisbon and Barcelona then Athens. Any proper Atlantean enthusiast worth their metal wouldn’t bypass Greece.

The Greek Military doing their sunset flag processional at the Acropolis.

But my time there was short enough to be a scouting trip because my next stop was the Nile.

Being on the Nile is like a shamanic journey through time. Whatever karma I might have with Egypt didn’t feel as heavy and dark as Madeira or even Venice where I would sometimes break down sobbing from some distant soul trauma. My intuition is that ancient Egyptians had extensive death rites so they could release their soul from worldly trauma upon their death, leaving behind very little lingering spiritual debris.

Jamming with my boy Thoth at Kom Ombo

The Atlantean connection with the ancient Egyptians is an interesting story too and I am making videos now on the basics of Atlantology where I discuss this story. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more.

My time in Egypt has been characterized by inner growth and the practice of finding comfort within discomfort.

My next stop after the Nile and the mandatory Giza plateau in Cairo was a cool hippie beach resort town in Sinai called Dahab. This is where I remain.

Dahab Daze

Now, as far as ley lines, I’m not entirely sure why I ended up here except that I think there is a strong ley line that connects the Nile and the ancient sites that runs through Sinai and up to the “Promised Land” now known as Israel... Or rather, Palestine.

I have been living a beautiful love story with a man I met and fell in love with and am now married to. He is an Egyptian Arabic Muslim, so together we have renewed my original course of study, which is comparative religion. I also have an interesting front row seat to the events unfolding about 300km away from where we are. Watching rocket interceptions over the Red Sea has become an evening norm.

I have much to say on the subject.

It all fits into the general thesis of my Atlantis work, which is essentially about the fall of a great civilization. I have also been avidly studying geopolitics for a long time, and when I went to Jerusalem for a few weeks earlier this year, I made some observations and predictions that have come true. Basically, I am a Westerner who has spent my life preparing for the apocalypse.

And now I am watching it unfold from the Arabic perspective.

Meanwhile, my adorable husband and I are joining forces with some Russians in town to record an album pleading with humans to stop the mad rush toward discord and madness.

I hope you will join us as we release more content.

In order to monetize my work, I have been posting my travel articles to my Patreon page if you’d like to see more. I can't always access this page from Egypt though, so my content is sporadic. I am also publishing on Vocal.

First Print Run of Books 1 and 2 from our Cairo Printer

Watch out for new Shadows of Atlantis releases and check out the new slides at the top of the website to read more about the world I have created.

My work feels ever more pertinent as current events transpire, and I can't wait to share more.

If you haven't checked out my prequel novellas, you can download a free of part 1 through these cool Bookfunnel promotions, plus maybe find something else you might like to read in the process.

I hope to write more posts soon and thank you so much for joining me on my adventures~!

Mara Powers is an American author and free spirit. She fancies herself a ground commander for the Ashtar Command of the Intergalactic Confederation, a new age psychosis she sometimes admits. Current posting is in the Sinai Peninsula on the Gulf of Aqaba where she awaits the coming apocalypse.

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