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This is the Truth. Or is it?

Lately I have been fascinated with pandemic deniers. It’s gone a long way toward inspiring my work this year in place of my ability to carouse at parties. If you somehow take this personally, let me apologize. But if you read my work, you will see that all of this has been written in the story already. It’s what ultimately causes the downfall of Atlantis. But I get ahead of myself.

Now I’m going to get all esoteric. Here’s where it gets fun.

When I first started studying all this esoteric stuff, I went down my own “rabbit hole.” Back in the 90’s we were all focused on the Great Shift that would be complete in 2012. The whole world was heading toward an awakening, and we were on the forefront of the wave. By “we” I mean me and those who would now be perhaps Q people. I mean, we were all into the whole evil reptilian empire using the skin of humans to rule the world through black magic. We were ON TO THEM, and we would defeat them with our great spiritual powers.

Over the years I ended up dropping that narrative as an alternative truth, and instead adopted an iridescent sort of magic for myself and wrote the narrative into my books. The belief structure made me sick, and it attracted a lot of bad experiences into my life. Problem solved. I do my part now just by writing the story, and I don’t have to suffer with such yuck and worry. And it doesn't have to be true. It can be expressed via fiction.

Of course, when 2012 happened, no great awakening happened. No big changes, nada. But really, was there nothing? I think there was. Instead of an awakening as we would all envision it we had a great division. A time of darkness. A fracturing. But you know the saying, it’s always darkest before the dawn…

Now here we go. Fasten your seatbelts…

The star cluster of the Milky Way was pointing straight to the center of the universe in 2012. That was the end of the Mayan Calendar, which expertly charted the progression of the stars. It was said to be the end of time. But the esoteric masters said it would be the beginning of a new age, a reset. Another aspect of it all figures into my Atlantis stories in a huge way.

Believe or don’t believe in anything I’m saying. But if you DO believe this stuff, these ideas are for you. If not, they’re fun anyway, and they don’t have to be true.

The archetypes of the human condition have been in place for as long as there have been humans. One of these “tropes” that has embedded itself in our modern culture is the battle between good and evil. Duality. This is the basis of my work which all began when I wanted to know why evil exists on the planet because I honestly don’t understand it.

In the esoteric versions of Atlantean lore, the Great Crystal Grid was shattered by means that will eventually come to light in my books. I won’t spoil that part. But since then, the planet was said to be put into a quarantine of its own, cut off from the Intergalactic Confederation. Why? The fall of Atlantis set us on that course because that civilization failed the test of group consciousness within a world of ego consciousness. The individual ego superseded the Law of One.

Since then, the Earth was said to have become a testing ground, a place where souls come to deal with that Karma, or just to have the experience of ego or sense of self separate from the Source consciousness. We come here to participate in stories. When we get to a point of where our ego overrides our soul consciousness, it’s okay because that’s why we came here. We have to steer into it, move through it, like threading the eye of the needle, and eventually go back to where we came from. Ashes to ashes, spirit to spirit.

The stories we choose to embrace as our truth are what we will experience. In that sense, truth is relative to our own choices, and as more and more believe that story, more weight is added to the belief matrix of said story. And the more weight it has, the more people feel entitled to labeling it as the TRUTH. This is why stories are so important to the human psyche. They help give our imaginations something to identify with.

Back to our story... 2012 was said (again, by the esoteric prophecies) to be the end of the quarantine of Earth. If humans TOGETHER choose to rise out of this shattered ego consciousness into Oneness, then the zone would be purified, and we would move into the mass awakening. But FIRST we would have had to pass the test.

The other aspect of the awakening also figures into the whole Christian rapture myth. Some of us would be chosen, or rather (as spiritualists like to think), choose ourselves. While others would descend and fall with civilization. The way this was portrayed by the esoterics was that in 2012, the alignment would split this zone into various timelines, or corridors that we could choose to enter. I think of it as a fracturing.

You can see it when you look at how people are choosing different realities to call truth. They are choosing their corridor, their timeline. According to the prophecies, this is supposed to happen. It is our test. Now let’s examine truth for a minute. Yes, truth is absolute. Truth exists. And truth can be bent to the beholder. It might not be true in terms of society or science, but it is true to them. They say that a lie becomes its own sort of truth when the teller believes it with all their being. And also, when enough people subscribe to that narrative, then that “truth” has more power. Power goes where the attention flows.

Christians all believe in the Bible. So many people believe in that collection of words that it is its own truth. It is a critical mass. If you tell a Christian there are other truths, they will fight you. Their cognitive bias will be challenged, and ultimately its not necessary to argue about such things. It’s ok for them to have their version of “truth”. That’s why it’s called belief. They have chosen their corridor.

This brings me to the current events. Many spiritual folks seem to have chosen a corridor I really don’t want to go down. Newsflash: I don’t have to! And neither do you! But if that's your choice, then it's YOUR choice. Even though I spent many years chasing down the evil lizards using my vast spiritual powers to smite them and bring them to light, I have retired from that, and I am thankful for it. Especially now. I like to think about all of us rather than myself. So, if you don’t believe in this pandemic, just accepting that many people have been experiencing it is the essence of compassion. It is the Law of One.

This virus, regardless of how it was formed, or whatnot, has started our planet on the next great extinction. The same people who think of themselves as spiritual seem to have chosen a corridor of ego over compassion, which feels like an oxymoron. Ego thinks its beliefs are the TRUTH, and anyone who doesn’t believe it is not on their side. That’s ego talk. Ego is fine unless it’s used at the expense of others, which will not go far in us passing the test of this awakening together.

Regardless of whether you think your immune system is more powerful than this virus, there are many others who do not share that same kind of power. Are these people your enemies? What have they done to you to warrant your disregard?

Expanding into a state of Oneness with your fellow humans and the planetary consciousness, you will find that this virus is real, and it is the voice of the PLANET telling us to listen. And yet a great many people who have studied the spiritual prophecies seem to be denying that it exists, and some villains are using it to divide and control us. Is man more powerful than nature?

This is the new fall of Atlantis, and the great trick to the current test is to embrace our fellow humans as well as to listen to the voice of the planet. Harmonize. Be iridescent. What I am seeing instead are a bunch of zealots who are preaching some sort of truth that they need everyone to embrace, to pull us all back into the great battle between good and evil. Booooring. That’s the old way.

The division and anger it is causing is exactly what the “villains” need to re-install autocracy. Whoever your villain is, you are feeding it by buying into the divide. And it is EGO that needs to spread our beliefs as truth. If you really reach into your spirit, you will have no use for all of that 3D crap, and perhaps you can choose a corridor that will be more fun for you and everyone around you.

I hope to see you there. But regardless, if you think I am not on your side because I don’t share your beliefs, just take a breath and know somewhere deep down that we ARE ALL on the same side. And I do hope you eventually come back to the story of Atlantis.

Mara Powers is an author and free spirit who writes fictional tales about Atlantis. She is riding out the pandemic in the Northern Foothills of Colorado on a ranch with horses, a mom, birds, bunnies, a snake and a dog in preparation for further adventures. Check out her work at

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